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Delivery time


Delivery times for our products

We expect to ship and deliver our products within 12 to 16 weeks throughout Europe.

Shipping and delivery times may be subject to change as the type of product that leaves our factory is subject to certain unforeseen events and/or surprises that may shorten or lengthen delivery times.

Approximately 4 to 7 calendar days before shipment, the customer is notified via whatsapp message and/or e-mail of the impending shipment.

On the day of dispatch, the customer receives by e-mail and/or whatsapp the 'Bill of Lading' (the Transport Document - DDT) and the instructions to be followed before and during receipt of his order.

This e-mail confirms that the shipment has obviously been taken over by the courier and that the goods have therefore left.

The courier will call the telephone number that the customer indicates to us during the order process in the 'shipping information', to make an appointment for delivery.

In the event that the courier has problems getting to the street where the goods are to be unloaded, the customer may arrange directly with him for any costs to be borne for a dedicated delivery, or to go against the courier to load the goods onto his own vehicle and take them to their destination independently.
Once the goods have been unloaded from the lorry, the customer must open the packaging/packaging and check for any imperfections on the glass and aluminium with patience and following the guidelines given on the previous and following pages, storing the original packaging in the best possible way, placing the goods on cardboard or a carpet, and photographing or videotaping any defects before starting installation. all this must be done within 48 calendar hours of delivery of the goods.

Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday during the working hours of the individual driver/courier/carrier, but always and exclusively by telephone appointment fixed between Customer and Carrier.

It is possible to enter the address of a place of work / a neighbour / a business that is always open and the references of a Contact Person for Delivery other than the End Customer.

Appointments cannot be made for delivery at times or days where the courier is not working (e.g. on Saturdays or Sundays) or where the courier is unavailable for various reasons (e.g. due to injured personnel and/or damaged vehicles).

Shipments of goods produced by us are always 100% insured under the best conditions for the best peace of mind of the company and the courier.

The customer is obliged to check the condition of the packaging and packing upon receipt, before unloading from the lorry. The customer is obliged to take photos and videos of visible damage on the packaging/packaging/wooden crates before unloading from the lorry.

The customer is obliged to sign the PDA or the delivery note issued by the driver with reservation (ex. I accept the goods subject to checking).

(*) Please always pay attention to the official notes on warranty, returns and refunds, glass quality assessment and aluminium quality assessment that we use for our products.
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